Get new hires on board

New employees:
faster effective
highly motivated
stronger committed
Programm für neue MitarbeiterThe first months after the conclusion of a contract are the most important for a stable und successful collaboration between your company and the new employee.

With our Onboarding-Packages we offer you an individualized package of measures to integrate your new hires fast into the working environment and to help them to forge close links to your company.



Three levels of onboarding

Onboarding works on three levels: organizational integration, integration at the workplace and social integration.

Concerning the organization, the new hires should get to know the business strategy, the business objectives and understand the market conditions.

When it comes to the workplace integration it is important to take on responsibilities as soon as possible. Therefore it is crucial that the operational sequences are in round terms and that competences are clearly distributed.

Last but not least it is important that the new employee is integrated in the new team. It’s important to get to know the business culture and learn how to play the game. The goal is to help the employee develop a fast emotional link to your company.

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Tailored to your individual needs within your company we develop a specific Onboarding-Package to help you make the most of the new collaboration.

  • Onboarding-Workshops for one
    or more employees
  • Single-Coaching for Executive Managers
    or New Hirees
  • Welcome-Package and Checklists
  • Consulting for your Mentoring Programs