Potential Analysis: advance through insight

Identifying personality and strengthsPotenzial AnalyseA professional potential analysis (psychometric test) helps you to find the right candidate. This tool emphasizes the hard facts and helps you to make a good decision. That process increases the accuracy of the placement and enables a better career management of employees.

With the talent and motivation analysis (TMA) we offer you an objective tool, which has been very successfully used over the last 15 years. The candidate has to answer 170 questions about their personality and motivation. The result is a kind of “radar” on which the parameter-values are presented.

You receive:

  • Insight in to the personality of candidates
  • Accurate analysis of strengths and weaknesses
  • Precise suggestions for questions for the following candidate-interview
  • Suggestions about the handling and collaboration with the employee
  • Better matching between candidates and position requirements
  • Professional reasons for placements and rejections

Potenzial-Analyse Radar

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